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Meet Our Partners: The Local Suppliers and Producers Behind Brickerville House Restaurant

It's with great pleasure that we introduce you to our esteemed partners, whose hard work and dedication help us bring the freshest and finest offerings to your table

At Brickerville House Restaurant, we pride ourselves on not just serving delicious meals but also on fostering a strong, sustainable community by supporting local businesses and artisans. Our commitment to sourcing locally is a testament to our dedication to quality and sustainability.

It’s with great pleasure that we introduce you to our esteemed partners, whose hard work and dedication help us bring the freshest and finest offerings to your table.


Gerhart Coffee

Our morning brews owe their rich flavors and aromas to Gerhart Coffee. This local purveyor provides us with high-quality beans that are roasted to perfection, ensuring your day starts with the perfect cup of coffee.

Martin’s Eggs

The secret to our fluffy omelets and baked goods lies with Martin’s Eggs. Their fresh, locally sourced eggs add unparalleled quality to our dishes, making breakfast at Brickerville House a truly unbeatable experience.

Scheid’s Produce

From farm to table, Scheid’s Produce supplies us with the freshest vegetables and fruits, ensuring that every dish we serve is packed with flavor and nutrition. Their commitment to sustainable farming practices aligns with our ethos of environmental stewardship.

East Indies Tea

Our tea selection is enriched by the aromatic blends provided by East Indies Tea. Their wide range of teas offer something for every palate, ensuring that each sip is a journey to different parts of the globe.

Emerick’s Maple

Our pancakes and waffles are incomplete without the sweet touch of Emerick’s Maple Syrup. Available for sale in our restaurant, their syrup adds a natural sweetness that elevates our dishes, offering a taste of local tradition in every drop.

Keener and Sons Potatoes

The key to our crispy, golden fries and hearty potato dishes lies with Keener and Sons Potatoes. Their locally grown potatoes are a staple ingredient in our kitchen, bringing comfort and satisfaction to our guests.

Lititz Wandering Wings Honey

Adding a sweet note to our dishes, Lititz Wandering Wings Honey is a liquid gold that we’re proud to sell. This local honey not only sweetens our recipes but also connects us with the natural beauty and biodiversity of our region.

Thoms Bread

No meal is complete without a slice of Thoms Bread. Their artisanal loaves are baked with love and expertise, providing the perfect accompaniment to our meals and a testament to the art of bread-making.

Weaver Custom Cabinetry, Elm Ridge Construction, and Brandt’s Mill Antiques

Our recent renovations wouldn’t have been possible without the craftsmanship and expertise of Weaver Custom Cabinetry and Elm Ridge Construction. From the bar to the garden room, their work has transformed our space, creating a warm and welcoming ambiance for all our guests. Furthermore, the unique antique wood sourced from Brandt’s Mill Antiques has added character and history to our restaurant, making every corner a conversation starter.

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At Brickerville House Restaurant, we believe in the power of community and the value of supporting local businesses. Our partners are more than suppliers; they are our neighbors, friends, and the backbone of our success.

We invite you to join us in celebrating the local flavors and crafts that make our restaurant special. Whether it’s enjoying a meal, sipping on a cup of coffee, or taking home a bottle of maple syrup or honey, you’re supporting a network of local businesses dedicated to quality and sustainability.

Come taste the difference local makes and experience the community spirit at Brickerville House Restaurant.

About Brickerville House

Brickerville House is a family-owned and operated restaurant serving homestyle breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, in a historic and casual atmosphere.

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