If you live in or love Lancaster County you have more than likely dined at one of the Tony Georgerestaurants owned and operated by the Agadis family.  Originally from New York, brothers George and Tony Agadis have been in or around the restaurant industry for as long as they can remember.

Growing up, they learned the ins and outs of restaurant management and the importance of high quality customer service while working at their father’s diner in Manhattan. Mike, a Greek immigrant, taught his sons from a very young age that attention to detail, quality ingredients, great customer service and hard work are the backbone of a successful restaurant.

Contraire to what you might think, being the boss’s son didn’t mean they had it easy- in fact the boys worked harder than other employees to earn the respect of their father and fellow employees. Like many people, they started their careers in the restaurant industry by washing dishes, bussing tables, cleaning floors and freezers and they worked their way up from there, working with the family business throughout their teens.

George continued to work in the family business through college and eventually graduated from New York University in 1993 with an economics degree when he decided to put his apron aside and try his hand at the banking industry. After several years of working with Natwest and EAB Banks his passion for the restaurant industry never subsided as he continued waiting tables and bartending on the weekends.

As a child Tony could often be found in the kitchen with his mother, Asimina, who created fabulous traditional Greek dishes and desserts so it came as no surprise when Tony found himself pulled toward the kitchen while working at the family restaurant. Tony eventually followed his dreams and graduated from one of the most prestigious cooking schools in the world, the Culinary Institute of America, located in Poughkeepsie, New York. Following graduation, He went on to work at some of the top restaurants in New York: Windows of the of the World, Café des Artiste as well as the Westchester Country Club and Ruth Chris Steak House.

At the ages of 25 and 22, George and Tony along with their father Mike decided to purchase a failing Pizzeria and Restaurant in the Bronx, New York. Within a year, after long hours, a lot of hard work and a focus on the fundamentals instilled in them by their father, the family had not only turned the failing business into a success but they had tripled the business and expanded the menu to include delivery and catering.

Despite the success of the pizzeria, eventually the hustle and bustle of the New York lifestyle took a toll on the family and they decided to trade the big city life for a calmer and quieter community, Lancaster County.

Tony moved to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in 2000 and his parents followed shortly after when the family purchased the first of several restaurants they would eventually own in the area, Silver Spring Family Restaurant.

They transformed Silver Spring Family Restaurant by expanding the menu to mimic typical New York style variety dinner menus but with particular attention to local fare. Tony’s expertise in the kitchen coupled with George’s high standards for customer service topped with a relentless attention to detail by their parents proved to be a successful equation for this family restaurant.

With this success, the family went on to purchase and revamp other failing restaurants in and around the Lancaster area including Kountry Kitchen Family Restaurant, located on Route 72 in Manheim, the Soda Jerk, a vintage 50′s style chrome and checkered tiled restaurant, located outside Hershey, Pennsylvania and finally the the Brickerville House and surrounding shops located at the intersection of Route 322 and 501 in Lititz.

The Brickerville House is a historic landmark building dating back to the 1700′s. Early records suggest the historic building and surrounding property have been home to several businesses. Originally the building was an Inn that eventually included a tavern restaurant which served as a rest stop for stagecoaches traveling between Philadelphia and Harrisburg.

The buildings natural charm is accentuated by the current decor and restoration which features hardwood floors, local antiques, exposed stone walls and a walk in fireplace. The restaurant has various themed rooms for dining as well as a large banquet room off the back of the historic building which accommodates ___ for private parties and additional seating for the restaurant.

While dining at the Brickerville House Family Restaurant, you will enjoy a vast menu with breakfast served all day, delicious desserts and friendly service.  You will find traditional items such as hogmaw, pork and sauerkraut and oyster pie as well as a variety of sandwiches, salads, burgers and seafood.

The Brickerville is open 7 days a week, Monday through Saturday from 6am to 8pm and Sunday 7am to 7pm.